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The general public needs hope, positivity, engagement, education, involvement and enlightenment.


Toward Utopia wants to work with broadcasters around the globe to develop and air this cutting-edge TV show, which is targeted at the 16-30 age group and beyond.  We would welcome the opportunity of working with a broadcaster which has an in-house production team.

In addition to brand development, our proof of concept will be demonstrated by our audience interest, as well as the promise of enticing content from valued, credible and respected contributors.   We will demonstrate both elements through social media engagement and contributor applications.  Our show host and executive producer, is an influential public figure, who will work in collaboration with mutually agreed  journalistic subject-matter-expert TV presenters who also have an established audience following.

Are you interested in discussing commissioning Toward Utopia?

“Toward Utopia will deliver engaging thought-provoking debate and insight, and deliver enlightening education about advancements shaping our world”


Toward Utopia is a unique far-reaching TV Series with longevity. It features cutting-edge, engaging educational, entertainment and interactive content.  Our Executive Producer has developed an outline content strategy, which can be tailored to the broadcaster(s) needs and audience.


As a magazine TV Series, Toward Utopia is a format and brand that can be licensed and localised internationally., the show's companion site has the potential to support and reach a global audience, supporting the TV Series around the globe.


Ranking on the global film and TV's industry database IMDB, is a helpful indicator of interest and ranks based on number of profile page visits.  Both Toward Utopia and it's Excecutive Producer & Host Deborah Collier are currently trending with excellent ranking (considering the status of the show, and the personality's profile).

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