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What Content & Format for Viewers?

The 'Toward Utopia' TV Series format and outline content strategy has been developed by it's creator and Executive Producer Deborah Collier, through Portman Collier.

Deborah will work closely with broadcaster(s) and producer(s)   / production co's, collaboratively to provide a detailed format, content plan and content to fit the broadcaster(s) audience and needs. 

The current outline  is as follows:

  • Audience: 16-30 and beyond

  • Duration: 30-mins - 1-hr

  • Content: New innovations, progress and into the future, with a strong view on ethics and humanity.

  • Hosted by Deborah Collier alongside journalistic and subject matter presenter(s)

  • Core Content:

    • Introduction of what audience can expect during show

    • Engaging educational recorded documentary - latest and future potential innovation (For example: Medicine, Travel, Communications, New Technologies, Shopping, Eating)

    • Interview or debate - One or more varied specialist experts

    • Entertainment or audience Interaction (Live music, Comedy or Art competition, for example, on topic challenges today that society wants to solve)

    • Socialogical documentary piece (For example, how will we govern society in the future, how will our culture(s) alter, crime prevention and mental health)

    • Interview or debate - One or more varied specialist experts

    • Live music performance (Aspirational / hopeful)

Please contact Portman Collier, if you are interested in broadcasting / commissioning this TV Series, which is available internationally. 


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