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'Toward Utopia' is where futurology and futurism unite.  We are looking for contributors with knowledge in all areas of importance to society.  If you are a recognized expert, thinker, leader, academic or innovator in your field, and would like to  appear in interview, participate in debate and discussion, or present your knowledge and research, we’d like to hear from you.  


Whether you a professor, scientist, researcher and lecturer or other recognized thought or knowledge leader in academia, we are interested in your views.   You may simply have informed opinion and ideas, published papers, or new research your institution is happy to share (either in summary, part or fully).  If you are adept at communicating your ideas in layman terms, digestible to both the general public and those not familiar with your field or discipline, we’d love to hear from you.



If you are a recognized expert either in industry, government or other organization, have insightful opinion, vision and ideas, and care about humanity, you could be invited to appear on 'Toward Utopia', either for interview or panel debate.   (Please note that while theological and political debate may appear  during the show, 'Toward Utopia' is politically and religiously neutral, and therefore adheres to strict rule, balance and neutrality).


Have you invented something revolutionary or are you in the process of cutting-edge research and innovation? 'Toward Utopia' is excited about innovation and advancement and how it can help us on society’s journey.  Can you inspire hope for humanity? Would you like to appear in the TV Series?

“Will scientific and technogical innovations harm or help? How will governmental and cultural shifts impact our universe?”

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