Globally recognized for strategy and visionary leadership, Deborah Collier FRSA is a futurist and strategic leader in education, business and digital. She developed  and implemented a three-pillared Global Strategy, Model & Solution for Sustainability - Economic, Social & Environment. A strategist, thinker, host, author and executive producer, passionate about the future of humanity, during her career  she has developed scalable brands, produced over 45-hours of educational content, written over 1000 pages of articles, led teams,  and taught and advised leaders at some of the world’s most well-known organisations around the globe.  She holds a Master of Science and is a member of Mensa “a society which aims to foster human intelligence for the good of humanity”.  Listed 2016 in Richtopia’s World’s ‘Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers’, she is a positive influential figure, with a following and network of global blue-chip brands and influential leaders and professionals in academia, business, government, media, sports and entertainment, a 32K twitter following, with a 3.6-million  audience reach*.

Deborah's Blog: HalfGeekHalfHuman

What is a futurist and how is it relevant to Toward Utopia

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*Weekly audience reach independently recorded by SumAll  in Jan 2019

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Toward Utopia recognizes that a team of experienced journalistic presenters with interviewing skills in a variety of fields, are required to maximise the success of the show. Are you an experienced TV presenter who has built an audience based on credibility and experience.  If you are passionate about society, futurism and futurology, and would like to co-present our show around the globe, we would love to hear from you.

Sample areas of interest and expertise include, (but are not limited to):

  • science, technology, digital innovation and AI

  • government, society and culture

  • human pyschology & mental health

  • health and medicine

  • environment and the planet

  • future living

  • the universe

  • entertainment

  • and more

To submit your interest, please email, from your official work email address, and we'll follow up with you directly.