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(Please note we currently have capacity to receive applications from recognized organisation).

If you would like to contribute to the Toward Utopia TV Series through interview or panel debate, or through sharing an overview of your research, invention or innovation, please submit an official application from your organization.  We are currently in the process of implementing on secure online applications system, In the meantime, please send us a letter via your official work email, copying the authoriser at your oganization (if applicatble) to include:

  • Official organization headed letter

  • Name, job title, department details

  • Summary / overview of what you would like to discuss, and share

    • Innovation

    • Research

    • Opinion and Insight

  • Whether though interview / panel debate / other

  • Your vision of Utopia and why you would like to appear on our show

  • Details of social media / other online profiles and web sites for yourself, organisation / department / research

  • Letter should be written or authorized person at your organization, and those details should be provided.

Please send application letter to:

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